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Designed by AVR. 

It’s time to have your Guest SMARTPHONES Showcase Event Pictures  by using AVR’s AMAZING Smartphone Picture  PORTAL.  The Smartphone Photographer has joined AVR’s Photography TEAM. We must say the phone captures some NICE Images.   Let’s do this together !!


1. Unlimited Smartphone EVENT Pictures  can be uploaded  to EVENT GALLERY

2. EVENT GALLERY is Custom Titled and Password Protected 

3. All EVENT Pictures can be critiqued by the user before uploading. All Your Pictures will be posted in  Chronological Order creating an Awesome  Gallery Presentation.

4.  PICTURES  are  Edited  for Color Enhancing  by AVR Photography 

5.  ALL EVENT files RELEASED  a few DAYS after EVENT to the BUYER of APP.

6. Its SIMPLE – Just tap the Screen to take Shot then Critique Shot, then Upload in seconds.

7.APP includes Professional Picture EDITER Application  to create Professional Prints from some of the MOST Trusted Labs in the world.  Anyone with a Password  Can Print Images for PENNIES and can download a Picture File for PENNIES..  WOW

8.ALL day uploading on Event DAY and  EVENT Gallery Picture ACCESS for  OVER 1 YEAR

9.BEST to upload Pictures at EVENT to Create a Great Looking Gallery Presentation.

10 Uploading of pictures ENDS  day after EVENT.            


1. FEW Days after your purchase of the Smartphone Event Portal

2. You will receive a Link to activate your Smartphone EVENT Portal APP .

3. You will receive a link and PW to view Event Gallery.

4. Simply Forward your Smartphone portal links to your EVENT guest For EVENT USE

5. Your Event Guest are the main reason for the APP being Designed. They will capture some great shots. It's best that your guest only upload to gallery at event so that the Gallery Presentation looks Great.                  

5. Smartphone Portal APP is ready to work once the link is clicked.

6. Best to Upload Pictures only at Event to assure a Great Looking EVENT Gallery.

How to use AVR’s Smartphone Portal APP

1. Simply tap App to take Image

2. Critique Pics  before uploading to Create an Awesome Chronologically Gallery Presentation

3. QUALITY -QUALITY-QUALITY. be sure it’s a KEEPER Before uploading Shot.

4. ONLY  Smartphone Portal Pictures can be up loaded to EVENT Gallery ..Best to upload at EVENT, Not Days before adding pictures not related to your EVENT Gallery . Doing so you will  create an AWESOME EVENT GALLERY containing pictures only of your EVENT.. Uploading to gallery ends  after EVENT. 

AVR's Smartphone Portal Gallery ( Screen Shots Prices)

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Garron Smartphone Event Gallery
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